2016 / 09 / 13


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    At six, Shimano finally unveiling its much-rumored Dura-Ace 9100 mechanical and Dura-Ace Di2 9150 groupsets, While that expecting wireless 12-speed shifting are likely to be left wanting more, the new top-tier road groupsets showcase Shimano's continued working Achieve greater efficiency and operations. Component integration, aerodynamics and ergonomics were also thrown around at the official product launch. With it all being released at once, there's leading up a trend of gear upgrading and a boost ahead of changing bikes. AXMAN, One of the top three Taiwan house brand takes the lead of selling Dura-Ace 9100 road bikes, Broncos SL5 and Falcon S5 start pre-ordering now in every AXMAN authorized stores.


                                                Broncos SL5

                                                Falcon S5


    AXMAN is a bike local brand built by AXMAN manufacturing Co., which is a Taiwan domestic high end bike manufacturer. Attaching importance to the development of sustainable roots in Taiwan, built up a new construction modern new plant at Chunghwa County actively expands the new layout. Focus on quality priorities and premium service, AXMAN implements robot painting and set up custom-made production line and wheelset assembly line, start a precision bike assembly engineer. Broncos SL5 and Falcon S5 are the first debut products after AXMAN activated the completely new manufacturing progress, this formally re defining the quality standard of Made-in-Taiwan.







    2016 May, AXMAN broke the cage that awarded as the sixth rank of top 10 brands in Taiwan, the third rank of domestic bike brand. AXMAN brand development replies on the solid AXMAN manufacturing strength, cares every consumer who wants to buy an outstanding bike, it plays a role in MIT with Europe quality and value end user price to lead the fashion.













AXGAN, a brand born for Taiwan that greatness is built into our DNA. The seven gold medals in the trophy case did not come easily. They came from the hands and hearts of the best racers in the world, the top designers, engineers and Fabric how. We know how to put all the right pieces together to make the world best bikes, because we are all living for our dreams. And even though you may not ride for your nation, that does not mean you can not ride a Race-winning bike. With the launch of our flagship TYPHOON series to the refinement of our all-aluminum platforms, the 2017 collections is the culmination of AXMAN technology, refined by the world best riders. And it is all backed by the best warranty, The best service and the best dealers across the globe






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