2016 / 05 / 14

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A Tower of strength, the new AXMAN plant debut

A Tower of strength, the new AXMAN plant debut

Attaching importance to the development of sustainable roots in Taiwan, Jackson Jiang Chairman of AXMAN Enterprise Company show strong determination and made a major decisions in 2013 to strengthen the company's operating structure and capital formation, built up a new construction modern new plant at Chunghwa County actively expands the new layout. The new plant designed by the renowned professional architect, demonstrating philosophy of the Chairman, emphasizing the modern concept of green energy bicycle industry, and in the main building exterior, using timbers as elements to show natural and simple style. The next clear direction after the company moved to the new plant follows:

First, focus on custom-made products, continues to make full use of AXMAN existing advantages and expand to develop high-end products customer services.
* Manufacturing process advantage: Vertical integration of the various components suppliers, focusing on program-controlled lead time progress, and continued improving on the process of manufacturing, it aims to shorten delivery.
* Assemble line features: focus on designing optimum operating convenience for the group of employees. A hundred percent complete assembling all of the product with precise adjustments.
* Paint line features: with clean painting and labeling production line working with robot spraying and painting all of the product.
* Quality advantage: focus on improving the quality from the beginning of R&D, considering the efficiency of the process control mechanism. 1. Control frame design and production. 2. Delicate coating line establishment. 3. Precise assembly, right side up bike adjustments.
* Logistics management advantages: providing cost-effective and rapid logistics warehousing services to help customers to expand the international distribution market.
* Introducing carbon fiber wheel set one-stop assemble line.

Second, high flexibility and rapid response of the production mechanism: to become the most trusted partner Taiwan OE / OD production. As for characteristics of small variety of production, creates rapid sample production mechanism.
Third, people-oriented: In addition to the hardware equipment investment, more actively introduce outstanding management and R&D personnel continuous innovation and research process improvement.
Based on cycling passion and dream, AXMAN set up the self-owned sales company Asia Sports Gear dedicated at AXMAN brand bike R&D and marketing. It aims to provide more appropriate choices for cycling enthusiasts in the Asian market. Jacky Huang, general manager of the AXMAN Enterprise Company said that while in 2016 the overall economic situation is not very optimistic, but are confident that after the re-optimization of the original foundation, adhere to a different way is to become a tower of strength in Taiwan's bicycle industry.