2015 / 01 / 29


測試優勝者: 碟煞公路車大PK


STORCK Aernario Disc碟煞公路車打敗其他競爭者,得到象徵最佳表現的1.7分。車架表現上不僅拿下最佳分數1.8分,更是此次測試中最輕的碟煞公路車,整車重量僅有7.3公斤。
Tour雜誌2014/06 原文報導 www.storck-bicycle.cc/_literature_130142/Aernario_Disc_Review_Tour_Magazine


Storck Aernario Disc – Tour magazine, international edition, 06/2014
TEST WINNER: Road bikes with Disc Brakes
"With a very good frame and great equipment, this is our other overall test winner. Uncompromising athletes with stretched out seating position and competition gearing. Lightest bike in the test”
Tour magazine has a long history of producing some of the most detailed test reports in cycling, with brands striving to achieve the perfect score of 1.1. The latest international edition of the magazine features their first road bikes with Disc brakes group test.

The Storck Aernario disc beat off all other competition to win the best of test with a score of 1.7 overall. Not only did the Aernario disc produce a frame result of 1.8 it was also the lightest road disc bike on test at only 7.3kg.