2015 / 01 / 29


德國Tour雜誌為全世界各國公認最具權威的自行車相關產品測試評論的出版品。過去20年的出版歷史中,Tour雜誌於2013年二月份評鑑STORCK Aernario PlatinumSTORCK造車工藝的完美作品,結合卓越舒適性、極好的路感與操控感,當今還沒有其他自行車能夠與它相同,當之無愧的成為Tour雜誌測試標準下公認最好的車架。
Germany’s ‘Tour’ Magazine is widely regarded as one of the leading Test Publication of everything bicycle related. In the 20 year history of the magazine they summed up the Aernario Platinum: “The balanced properties of the Storck and its combination of excellent comfort, superb road-holding and good handling are not approached by the other racing machines,” writes ‘Tour’ magazine 2013. “The best frame of all time according to Tour standard” (Tour Magazine, Feb 2013).
Taking the Aernario G1 and making further improvements was always going to be a challenge to Markus Storck. To then improve it to an extent that it beat the 2012 ‘Best Bike in the World’ title which Storck already owned (Fascenario 0.6) was the goal. Using the highest modular Carbon Fibres and the most advanced resins with meticulous lay-up techniques, the Platinum Edition provides razor Sharp handling, ground parallel aero dynamics, stiffness and vibration dampening with a frame weight of just 790 grams. Officially: ‘The Best Bike in the World 2013