2015 / 01 / 06




road.cc在過去一年回顧10部效能最好,價格無限制的公路車,但只能有一個贏家。嚴謹評鑑結果下,最終為德國頂級公路車STORCK AERNARIO PLATINUM名副其實拿下2014-15年度地表上最強悍的超級公路車。road.cc表示:「完美結合超輕量、超高剛性、舒適性於一身,若要找一台最棒的公路車,這部就是你的首選。」 



road.cc Superbikes Shootout 2014-15


The 10 best all out performance, money-no-object bikes we've reviewed over the past year, but there can be only one winner. STORCK AERNARIO PLATINUM - Superbike of the year 2014/15


Light, stiff, comfortable - it's all of them. If only the best will do, this could be the bike for you”