Passion makes the difference of the world

It’s AXMAN’s mission to create the top level bicycle for the rider’s needs in the world. In order to be more excellent, we try to figure out what are the rider's really requirements and involve our passion to inspire our bicycle design. For the unique cycling feeling from the functions of bike to experience of riding, we do try our best to be the next legend.

AXMAN, We come from Taiwan!

In the full of enthusiasm the bicycle team, we are committed for a simple but challenging vision - to become the KING of speed chasing. Whether you are the professional cyclists or amateur bike riders, we know you fight with the wind, dirt , sweat, and are eager to win all of the games, stand on the winner's podium. We create so high quality bikes and focus on perfect manufacturing, good functional system, safety and proactive design to make the you to be perfect. That is what we want to do and stand with most famous bicycle brands in the world. We are your best and only choice to win the game and be the champion. The practice of our brand's vision is evidenced by Miss Hsiao Mei-yu, the long-term sponsor of the Asian Games gold medal national champion.